Launch your Cake2Go branch with our inline stores! 




1.) Requirements to become a franchisee

The critical points of our criteria lie mainly on franchisees who believe in our brand and enjoy our products. The systems and processes we’ve built and fine-tuned over the years are simple, but require time, patience and commitment (Don’t worry, we’ll be there with you every step of the way!).

That’s why we’ve finally opened our doors to you, our future partners! We are searching for potential franchisees who are committed to grow with us and strengthen our Cake2Go family. Franchisees who will take this opportunity and responsibly and be fully hands-on with daily operations of their respective stores. Franchisees who are committed to learn, share their insights and ideas and grow with us as we spread the joy of Cake2Go nationwide! Your energy and dedication will be our recipe for success!

2.) How much does it cost to launch your own Cake2Go branch?

The cost to build and operate a Cake2Go franchise will vary on the size and layout of the space.

  • For a 20-30sqm space; our cost estimate for the total investment package may sum up to 2.5M. However, the investment cost may vary per location (Provincial, Greater Manila area or Metro Manila).

  • Please refer to the Store models subsection for more information on a sample model.

  • The total investment package includes all the necessary components you’ll need to operate your branch efficiently and properly excluding deposits and working capital. (Some examples are the franchise fee, store concept design, sourcing of materials, store construction, furniture and equipment, extensive training and more!)

3.) How much are the marketing fees?

  • Systemwide Ad Fee: 2% of Gross

  • Local Ad Fund: 1% of Gross

4.) How long is the franchise term agreement

  • 5 years

5.) What areas are we looking for?

  • We are currently focused on franchising in locations within Metro Manila and the Greater Manila Area. We currently do not franchise in the VIS-MIN region.

6.) Do we need a location when we apply for a franchise?

  • It would be better if you already had a location, however we also do entertain serious franchisees who do not have identified locations yet but have passed the pre-assessment phase. We are in the process of working with potential partner developers and can match based on the new store location criteria and that which is most convenient for the franchisee.

7.) What will be your Return On Investment?

  • This will ultimately depend on various factors such as the location of the store, rental rates and ability of the franchisee to manage operating expenses and inventory.

  • We closely assess the potential of the locations before we approve a space for a franchisee. We will only approve a space if it satisfies our checklist of requirements.

8.) What are some of the inclusions in our franchise package?

  • Store Layout and Design

    • We believe that the layout and design of a store is critical to its success. We also place great emphasis on the overall look, aesthetic, and consistency with the Cake2Go brand. Therefore, we have on hand, architects and interior designers that will work on the design phase of the potential franchisee. However, we will work hand in hand with our potential franchisee and take into account the voice of our po, if they have in mind for your store’s design.

  • Sourcing and Construction

    • During the construction phase of your franchise process, Cake2Go will be providing the specifications, manpower and suppliers for the needed equipment.

  • Equipment

    • The equipment, tools and materials that will be used in your daily operations, including freezers, mixers and display showcases.

  • Extensive Training

    • Besides the training of managers and operations personnel, we will also be available to assist you in determining the appropriate numbers of employees needed for your store. We’ll be there to conduct training for you as the franchise owner as well as your employees. Included in our comprehensive training program are modules in managing inventory, product handling procedures, Point of Sales POS training, customer relations and cash handling.

  • On-going Partnership

    • Being part of our Cake2Go family means that we’ll be with you every step of the way! As you begin your journey with us, you’ll get support from our team in various aspects and you’ll have clear communication with our respective representatives.We will work constantly with our franchise partners to help strengthen and further enhance our Cake2Go brand as well as coordinate various activies that are implemented in all of our branches.


Interested to learn more about franchising our brand? If you have further inquiries feel free to send us a message or email us directly